Witches Unite To Counter Trumps Actions

Recently, Donald Trump took over as the President of the United States. However, majority of the people are not happy to see him as their President, and are doing everything possible to remove him. Trump also took some bizarre decisions recently, like banning people from seven Muslim dominated countries. All these decisions have gone against him and has substantially increased the number of his haters. You will find plenty of people who are meeting Town Hall representatives and giving speeches against him. Protests and rallies against the Republican Government are quite common, and are happening throughout the US. However, some people have gone a step further and wants to cast a magic spell on Trump.

From the 24th of February, witches from all over the country will unite to cast a spell on Trump. It will be cast only on the nights of waning crescent moon and will continue until he is removed from office.

Michael Hughes came up with this idea of the spell. He saw several other spells in the different witchcraft groups all over the Internet. He combined all those and finally came up with this one. It is also an open spell. You will find all the necessary ingredients which you need to cast this spell. They have published all the guidelines on the Internet. Because when more people cast a spell, it gets much more powerful. And Trump is no ordinary person. It will indeed take something special to take him out.

Some of the ingredients which you require include a photo of Trump and an orange candle as well. However, many magic enthusiasts also recommended other some other ingredients. For example, one guy suggested to use a popular phrase which Trump uses like ” You’re Fired”. Apparently, this will make the spell more effective.

However, kudos to Michael for making the spell harmless. He clearly mentions that it is a binding spell and it won’t cause any harm to Trump. The objective is to stop Trump from ruining the country. However, this is not the first time that something like this is happening. We have seen many instances in the past where witches had come together and fought for social justice.

According to Michael, the main reason why he decided to come up with a spell is because the people are feeling helpless. Everyone is aware that Trump’s policies are going to damage the country, but they have no power to stop him. In order to make the common masses more powerful, he decided to publish this spell.

The spell is also not just limited to magicians or those who believe in magic. It is open even for those people who have no interest in magic. The main intention is to make more people participate, so that the energy focused is more.

We are not exactly sure how effective this spell is going to be. But it is quite evident that Trump has made quite a few haters. Apart from the mere mortals, he also have to deal with super natural powers.

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