Was Bigfoot Spotted in Northern Ireland Forest

Maxine Caulfield was taking her dogs for a walk in a forest in Northern Ireland stopped when her dogs were spooked by something.

“The dogs are normally full of energy and never stop running but when we went through that part of the forest they just stopped still and stared in the same direction.

Caulfield decided to investigate the area that was causing alarm in the dogs. While she didn’t see anything at the time, she took a picture anyway. But it wasn’t until she got home and was reviewing the pictures that she and others noticed something strange.

“People were pointing out its face and saying it was Bigfoot. I’ve always been pretty open-minded about the paranormal. I don’t disbelieve, and this has really reinforced my view that there could be something out there.

The forest in Slieveanorra has a reputation for the Supernatural and strange. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghost of a B-17D Flying Fortress crew that died in a crash on October 3rd, 1942, on its way back to Prestwick airport in Scotland. The B-17D was separated from its Squadron and a crash on the Orra Mountains about 40 miles west of Belfast. 8 of the 10 crew members perished in the crash.

Was this a photo of Bigfoot, a ghost of aviators long since dead, maybe just moss growing on a fallin tree or something else .

What do you see in Caulfield’s picture?

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